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Becoming part of Finegan is being part of a group of complementary experts that share passion, knowledge and experience. It also entails joining a company that puts employee satisfaction above everything else. To grow and enhance their personal and professional development, our consultants are keen to make the most of the mobility and development opportunities we offer.

Based on a survey, ChooseMyCompany has granted   Finegan Group the HappyIndexAtWork label in 2021 and 2022.   Finegan Group is among the top-rated businesses in France according to this  label

Sharing new ideas. Group of young business people discussing something and smiling while sitting at the office table. Brainstorming.


they testify

What makes me most proud are the results we bring to customers, (…) keys, solutions, value-added answers, and what we receive from them is recognition. and trust, which I think motivates us to follow through on projects and bring them the best possible results



“ I advise portfolio management companies, general purpose and real estate funds in their compliance, in particular with AMF regulations, among others. I also work on Sapin 2 Law compliance ”


Senior Consultant

My added value for the customer is my past experience which has enabled me to understand the different market needs and their application, which allows me to offer solutions adapted to what is being done at the level of the competition. and on the market


Senior Consultant


Finegan fosters its employees’ continuous growth and well-being. These encompass a variety of areas, such as workplace design, corporate activities and events,  work-life balance, and joint CSR projects.  Discover our world!

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